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We are Ethan and Amanda Pyle, the creatives behind Refracted Light Art, and we're glad you're here. Take your time getting to know us and exploring our knitting patterns and artwork, which we hope will add beauty to your home and wardrobe. 


Bias knitting provides the perfect blend of simplicity and engaging knitting, while an easily memorizable two-row repeat is simple enough for mindless knitting and engaging enough to keep your needles moving. The eyelet moss stitch also creates a lovely open texture without being too hole-y while also being the perfect stitch pattern for blending subtle fades. With instructions for a large and small shawl as well as a scarf version, Arda is sure to become a staple of your wardrobe, whichever size you choose to knit.

This print features classic Pooh artwork with a hand lettered quote from this timeless children's classic. Easy to frame, this art is ready to adorn a child's room or nursery.


The two of us...

We're a husband and wife who care deeply about Beauty and the way art connects us to Reality. Though we may have different sets of skills, we're united in a shared love of the beautiful and finding ways to share beauty with others....



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