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I'm Ethan, the designer behind Refracted Light Knits. Ever since I was young I have carried with me an intense desire to create. Whether I was making pressed flower bookmarks or intricately beaded bracelets, my growing up years were filled with hours of crafting while listening to my mom read aloud to me and my siblings. Since my time in grad school, I have delved into the world of knitting and knitwear design more deeply, being captivated by the endless creative possibilities.

Perhaps you're wondering where my business name comes from? The name is taken from a line in a poem by J.R.R. Tolkien, my favorite author whose works have inspired many of my designs. This poem, "Mythopoeia," treats of the creative impulse in the heart of every human—an impulsed placed there by the Creator. Tolkien even goes so far as to say that mankind has a responsibility to image his Creator by exercising this creative impulse. This endeavor in knitting is my attempt to fulfill that creative responsibility.


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